Beginning in 1996 many vehicles came equipped with a transponder-based electronic anti-theft system.  These systems have greatly reduced vehicle thefts, but have also increased the cost of keys and key replacement. 

A transponder is a tiny radio-frequency computer chip embedded in the head of the key.  This device communicates with the computer in the car when the key is used. If the car does not recognize the transponder the vehicle will not start.  These transponders can be damaged by water, impact, and exposure to electronic and magnetic fields such as microwave ovens.

Adding a replacement key normally involves programming the vehicle to accept the new transponder key.  This programming procedure requires specialized equipment and software, as well as expertise in the programming process.  Vehicle manufacturers are constantly changing and improving the transponder systems, so automotive locksmiths must constantly upgrade their equipment and skills. 

Steve Young, the owner of AutoLock Solutions, is not only an automotive locksmith but also trains automotive locksmiths all over the country on the newest systems and techniques.

Recently the market has been flooded with cheap Chinese-made transponder keys and remotes.  While these keys and remotes may look exactly like the original equipment, most are of inferior quality.  Many of the remotes and keys sold over the Internet are junk that either will not work at all or will fail when you need it the most. 

Don’t risk stranding yourself or your loved ones for the sake of saving a few bucks.  We use only quality equipment and stand behind everything we do. If you have purchased a cheap transponder key or remote off the internet and need it programmed, we cannot be responsible if it is the incorrect one for your vehicle or defective.  We will

attempt to program it for you if you wish, but all programming must be paid in advance and is non-refundable.  If you think this policy is unfair, try taking your own eggs to a breakfast restraint some time and ask them to cook them for you.