Many new vehicles use a key that has a remote built into the head of the key.  Unfortunately, many of these keys break in normal usage or when accidently dropped.  When this happens, most car dealers will try to sell you a completely new key, often for several hundred dollars.  The better solution is to just replace the key housing or “shell” and re-use the existing electronics.  Autolock Solutions stocks the most popular and most often broken “shell keys” and can generally solve the problem in a few minutes.

We stock new OEM shell keys for Honda / Acura, Lexus, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Chrysler and many others.  If we do not have the shell key you need in stock we can generally get it for you quickly.


If you search the internet you will find many cheap shell keys available.  Most of these come from China and are of very poor quality.  We stock only OEM shells or the highest quality aftermarket shells from reliable sources.


A “switchblade key” has a key that pops out at the touch of a button, and then folds back into the housing when not needed.  Volkswagen, GM, Mazda, BMW, Mercedes, and many others have used this type of key.

As a safety feature, these keys have an intentional weakness so that they are designed to break off rather than cause serious injury in the event of a collision.  These blades sometimes break in normal usage as well.  Autolock Solutions stocks replacement blades for all popular switchblade keys.  Check with us before you pay several hundred dollars at the dealership for a new key, when all you really need is a new blade.